Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Visited Mickey!

 My two beautiful daughters @ SLC Airport
waiting for our flight to Disneyland!!!
 We flew into the Long Beach Airport
because it was cheaper
and we LOVED the little airport there.
 Upon landing we headed straight for the
It is a beautiful temple. Very large,
and the murals are spectacular.
 Then we went to the SnoBar for ice cream
that looked like roast beef.
 But tasted like heaven!
 Then we checked into our hotel.
 Right across the street from Disneyland!
 The next morning we attended
Church in the Anaheim 1st Ward.
 Then headed to Newport Beach!
 Where we enjoyed a little fun in the sun
and water!
 It was just beautiful!
 The next 3 days were all about Disneyland!
 I wasn't feeling it so I skipped
the first Splash Mountain experience.
 I was standing around waiting for the family.
 And all these people were taking pictures of the riders.
So I just snapped away at one party.
And low and behold - it was them!
Seriously it was a fluke!
Then we just did our thing.
 Went to the Bug's Life show!
 Seen here in our bug gear!
 We saw Minnie,
 toured Toon Town,
met Mickey,
 and just enjoyed ourselves!
 We 4 adult Wightman's never tire of Disneyland!
 Seen here in California Adventure.
 The next Splash Mountain experience
 I joined in . . . don't ya love how
Paige stole the show here?
Then we went home.

See you again soon Mickey!

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  1. Goodness you all have been having fun. And you all look marvelous!! loves!